Protect Electronics from Lightning

Lightning Protection

You never know when or where lightning is going to strike, so you should be prepared in case it strikes your business. Lightning claims many telephone systems and computers network systems every year, especially during the rainy season. Protect electronics from lightning with our equipment specially designed to protect against harmful voltage surges. With surge and lightning protectors, you can finally have peace of mind when lightning strikes because your business communication services are protected. If you are interested in total power protection, we also carry a line of uninterruptible power supplies that will protect against blackouts, over-voltage spikes, and brownouts. Below we listed a couple of systems we can provide lightning protection for to ensure your business is covered during a storm.

  • Telephone Line Protection
  • Telephone System Protection
  • Network Equipment Protection

Lightning Protection Accessories Include Battery Backups

  • The built-in double-boost and single-buck AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulator) function compensates for broader range of low AC voltage situations like brownouts and sags as well as high AC voltage situations like surges and spikes saving internal battery power for blackouts and extending the life of the batteries
  • Independent Battery Bypass™ allows the UPS to provide voltage regulation with surge and spike protection on utility AC power even when batteries are weak or dead
  • Includes MINUTEMAN SentryII™ power management and diagnostic software to provide added control and allow unattended PC shutdown (for use on individual PCs or multiple workstations on networks)
  • Integrated USB and RS232 ports for software communications (USB and RS232 cables included)

    Contact our team today by calling (954) 797-0329 for lightning protection for your telephone system services, so you can stay connected with your customers during bad weather.