Fiber Optic Cabling in Florida

Datel installs and services category 5e, category 6 and  fiber optic cabling including ATT fiber optic conduits and innerduct systems. We install voice and data cabling  and hosted VOIP telephone cabling. We will assist you with installation, service, design, and implementation of structured wire cabling systems including patch panels, data racks and wire management along with business telephone systems. Our low voltage cabling contractors are ready to assist you during these processes to ensure all systems are working correctly. You can depend on our team at Datel Corp for all your low voltage structured cable needs in South Florida.

We value our clients, which is why we offer a range of services from installation to repairs on structured cabling systems. Customer satisfaction is crucial to our business because without our customers we would not be successful. Do not wait another minute to pick up the phone and dial our phone number (954) 797-0329 to discover how our dedicated contractors can help you with a variety of business communication services.

Does Your Network Cabling Look Like…


or This?


Datel Corporation is a State of Florida licensed and Insured low Voltage Specialty Electrical Contractor #ES0000360. In addition to having BiCSi certified technicians we also have RCDD on staff.  We will install, test, label and certify all cable systems and provide you with complete documentation, including floor plans that include cable pathways, patch panel records, test results and as-built drawings. As a result this will help facilitate future moves, adds and changes. Datel carries a full line of Chatsworth, Leviton, Panduit and Mid Atlantic network connectivity system products. All cable system installations are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. All cabling is installed to meet or exceed all ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards and local National electrical codes.

Site Surveys

A trained Datel Corporation sales technician will meet with you onsite to address your company’s cabling and wiring needs, along with your current and future networking requirements. We will discuss the latest structured cabling techniques and help explain your options for the design of a high-quality, cost-effective cable system that works for you.

Warranty and Certified Lan Network Cabling / Wiring

All category 5e, category 6 cabling and wiring carries a minimum one year and up to 25 year manufacturer’s warranty with onsite repair. We offer a company with a commitment not just equipment and we stand behind all our products and services. .Our BICSI RCDD certification allows us to provide the highest level of installation practices for the structured wire and cable we install. Our certified Telecommunication technicians strive to provide a prompt and courteous response to all your Business communications needs. This in conjunction with our proven project management techniques, allows us to create a high-quality, cost-effective structured cable wiring system that supports a company’s telephone VoIP and networking needs.

Fiber optic cabling wiring and installation is an advanced technique to transmit information and data from one spot to another at a rapid pace by sending high speed light pulses via especially designed fiber optic cables. At Datel Corp when our superb technicians perform fiber wiring, they consider all the latest methods as well as telecommunication regulations and standards. Our fully certified and trained professional teams are capable of offering you the ideal solutions that will satisfy your infrastructure needs that are specifically pertinent to networks.

Securing your internet connections with astonishing fiber optic technology will certainly provide you with much more bandwidth that can be utilized by the data traffic and considerably more speed within your network devices. By choosing us for the installation of fiber optic cables, you will get assurance of the maximum uptime for all of your crucial network connections. As one of the highly acclaimed fiber optic cabling contractors, we have all the necessary test equipment and tools that enable us to do our job efficiently and swiftly.

Transmit All of Your Data and Information at Lightning Speed

Your business’s requirements for security, integrity, bandwidth and speed of transmission of data will eventually lead you to the installation of fiber optic networks. Yes, it is true that not very long ago, GB Ethernet was regarded as a major advancement in the domain of LAN networks. However, the advent of fiber optic technology has revolutionized the internet speed and security arena. Even now Gigabyte Ethernet looks frail in front of the lightning speed of fiber optic cables.

When you get fiber optic cabling done through our expert technicians at Datel Corp, you and your business can capitalize on the following salient benefits:
• Fiber optic cables we provide are of top quality and are manufactured to last for a significant period of time, consequently offering you a marvelous return on investment.

• Fiber optic cabling is more secure as compared to the conventional copper networks, since the former does not pose fire hazards.

• When you ask us to do fiber optic cabling in your office or home, we utilize only paramount cables that offer maximum speed, security and bandwidth while minimizing the signal loss.

Matchless Fiber Optic Cabling Services Offered By Us

Wifi cabling wiring is a delicate job that needs a great deal of experience, qualification and knowledge. Our networking technicians at Datel Corp offer you the following amazing fiber optic cabling services.

  • Certification of Fiber Network

  • We offer comprehensive light loss evaluation for multi mode and single mode fiber networks. We have the necessary training and equipment to exceed your performance and quality expectations.

  • Multimode and Single Mode Fiber Cable Installations

  • Whether you demand single or multi-mode fiber wiring, Datel Corp will ensure the top quality of work all through the process

  • Conduit Cable Pulling, Cleaning and Rodding

  • These are several techniques, tools and methods employed by our superlative experts for the identification, tracking and surveying of existing and new conduits in your workplace or home.