The Foundations of a Structured Cabling System

Structured cabling is central and integral to the function of any business and should be designed to support the future needs of the company in addition to its current needs. Structured cabling supports all hardware required to carry out communications, and generally serves a single building or several buildings on one campus. It is designed primarily using Category 5e and Category 6 cables, with others, such as fiber optic cables, used as well.

Structured cabling in the United States is designed and installed in accordance to standards set by the Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). It should be carefully designed and installed, and a floor plan of the design should be provided. This will help to facilitate future moves or to incorporate additional devices and cabling, should the need arise.
A structured cabling system includes entrance facilities at the termination of the network provider, backbone pathways and cables, horizontal pathways, and work area outlets. The entrance facility physically houses the cabling that connects to that of the network provider, such as those from phone or internet service providers. Its location will be determined by physical, architectural, and visual restraints. Backbone cabling communicates from the entrance facilities to the various floors, rooms, and buildings within the cabling system. It handles most of the traffic, and it provides major communications for the entire system. The horizontal cabling provides connections to each workstation, such as a desk or a desk phone. Work area outlets physically connect to each device and provide internet or telephony services to individual devices.

The application of Star2Star communications increases business productivity for several reasons. Its 99.9% reliability means employees will never waste time troubleshooting errors. Calls and other communications will not be halted while devices are down. In addition, the application provides the ability to login to a virtual workspace from any device. This is a productive function for those employees who work both at home and the office, or for those who work from remote places. Star2Star also provides a high level of security through encryption and access controls. For these reasons, Star2Star is a productivity-increasing and reliable option for VOIP communication solutions.

For companies looking to reduce operation costs through the use of VOIP, Star2Star is a great option offered by Datel Corp. Through its cloud architecture, Star2Star offers reliability, customization, and flexibility both for employees who work in a traditional office setting, as well as those who work remotely.

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