Choosing the Right Phone Services for your Business

Because the modern business relies heavily on a phone service, it is imperative that you choose your business phone system carefully. Most businesses have unique and individual requirements and expectations from a phone service including voice mail, call forwarding, or a digital assistant. Once you determine your requirements, you can then move forward with choosing […]

Implementing Music-on-Hold in the Business

Being placed on hold while calling a business is aggravating and often causes customers to end the call before speaking to a representative or receptionist. A silent hold can cause customers to feel undervalued and frustrated with customer service practices. Not only can this cause customers irritations, but it can also lead customers to hang […]

Types of Phone Systems to Install with Datel Corp

Every business needs a phone system installed, there is no alternative. If you want good communication between both you, your employees, and your clients, you need a good telephone system set up. Here are some phone system options to consider: Virtual Phone Systems: Virtual phone systems are great for start-up companies and small businesses with […]

Structured Cabling and Using Category 5 and 6 Cables

Structured cabling is a cabling infrastructure system that consists of subsystems that support multiple different hardware uses. This is basically the base of your telecommunication system. By setting this cabling right the first time, your system will be well connected. Should there be changes to be made in the future, upgrades can be easily installed […]

The History of Telephone System Repairs

Telephones have come a long way since their inception in the late 1800s. What was once a large, complex machine can now fit into the palm of your hand, and it’s all thanks to human innovation and ongoing improvements. Today, commercial telephony is an independent profession that offers a full suite of communication services. But […]


DOES YOUR COMPANY NEED ASSISTANCE RELOCATING YOUR TELEPHONES AND SYSTEM? If your company is relocating and you need a company to assist you with moving and reinstalling your telephones and system, give Datel Corp. a call. We specialize in telephones, telephone systems, camera surveillance equipment, A/V equipment, access points, wireless access points and more. From small business communication services […]


Looking to upgrade or replace your Business Telephone System in Ft. Lauderdale, Davie and Pompano Beach, FL?  From small business communication systems to Internet voicemail services, Datel will walk you through what system and features best fit the needs for your company and staff. We can take care of your low voltage wiring or structured […]

Is Your Nec SV8100 telephone System Ready for Retirement??

Is Your Nec SV8100 telephone System Ready for Retirement? NOT EXACTLY! NEC announced end-of-support of your Nec SV8100 telephones. End-of Support/Maintenance is December 31, 2018, you can easily protect your investment with an upgrade to the SV9100. We simply upgrade your software and you get all of the latest and greatest features. Your system upgrade […]


Is Your UNIVERGE SV8100 Communications System Ready for Retirement? Is your telephone system ready for retirement.  NOT EXACTLY! Even though NEC, on October 2, 2015, announced end-of-life of their UNIVERGE SV8100 (End-of-Sale was December 31, 2015; End-of Support/Maintenance (EOS/EOM) is December 31, 2018), you can still protect your existing investment with a simple migration to […]

Is Your Business Running an Outdated Communications System?

Is Your Business Running an Outdated Communications System?  You are aware that your communications system is way past its prime, but economic pressures and being comfortable with your old system have delayed your decision to upgrade or replace. There comes a point when it no longer makes sense to put it off, from both a […]