5 Crucial Questions You Should Ask Your VoIP Phone Company

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Like most of the other companies out there chances are your organization has also heard about all those wonderful reasons to install virtual VoIP systems. It is even better if you have already finished your research regarding this matter and decided that these business phone systems would be beneficial for your enterprise. Although now you are absolutely prepared to upgrade, you are finding it hard to tell apart between good and bad service providers.

The problem with VoIP providers is that all of them will offer you outstanding deals and make promises about providing you with exceptional services. However, some contractors are definitely better as compared to others. Communication is the backbone of any business. Therefore, you must find a service provider who is totally reliable and trustworthy.

When it comes to choosing a vendor, price is an important factor for sure. But you must not get blindsided by merely focusing on price and overlooking other equally decisive elements, such as expertise, experience, dependability and quality. As a matter of fact, comparing and judging different VoIP service providers on the basis of price is much easier as it is a quantifiable variable.

You will have to spend more time in the assessment of other factors that are not available in the form of a simple number. So, without further ado, here are five crucial questions that you must ask the VoIP provider before signing the contract. The answer to each question will enlighten you about which vendor would be the ideal option for your organization.

1. How Do You Ensure the Top Quality of Calls?

One of the best things about VoIP solutions is that generally they offer wonderful audio quality. However, there are many factors that can impact the quality of calls, such as voice codecs employed by the service provider, internet speed, QoS configurations as well as particular protocols which system utilizes. There are some codes that prefer bandwidth over quality, while others prioritize the other way around.

You have got to make sure that your priorities for speed and quality are aligned with what the vendor is offering. Moreover, clearly ask the service providers how they are going to make things right if quality of calls start to decline.

2. What is the Actual Cost of Your VoIP Business Phone System?

In most of the cases, the total cost you have to bear for IP phone systems is higher than the publicized monthly subscription fee. At times, you may have to arrange a faster connection of internet or upgrade your equipment. The total number of lines your company will need can also influence the VoIP system’s cost. In a nutshell, the enticing deals you see in advertisements and brochures do not necessarily depict the final cost of services.

Some VoIP providers also offer free of cost consultations to assess your infrastructure. It enables you to make necessary changes. You must ask the VoIP phone provider to provide you with a realistic customized quote so that you get a clear idea about future costs.

3. What Technical Support Options Do You Offer?

When it comes to virtual VoIP, you do not have to be worried about purchasing software, updating equipment or the maintenance of your phone. However, you still might need the services of a dependable support team to troubleshoot bugs, asking questions related to billing and other potential technical problems.

You must inquire about the hours in which their support is available and through which channels technical support is accessible. Ensure that there are multiple ways available to get in touch with the VoIP providers, such as chat, phone, social media, email etc. Moreover, find out if there are any extra charges to utilize the premium support option.

4. What Steps Do You Take to Assure Security?

By definition, virtual VoIP systems are not physically located on the premises. They rather exist on the cloud. It does entail that you must be vigilant about the security of software, hardware, virtual and physical. The vendor you select must follow the advanced practices of cloud security so that any unauthorized person cannot get access to your network or phones. Data transmitted through the VoIP systems should also be encrypted in order to eliminate the risk of eavesdropping.

5. Do You Have a Decent Experience to Properly Provide Services?

New businesses and services are rapidly surfacing in the corporate communication segments. It would be wise to avoid those companies that are totally new in the VoIP landscape. Remember that vendors which are operating for years now bound to have good knowledge and experience regarding how to efficiently run SaaS services.

These VoIP service providers will possess the appropriate expertise to tackle any problem swiftly and timely anticipate potential issues. You can also get more feedback and information about their performance from other clients they are serving.

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