Having weak cellular networks is surely very frustrating! Calls getting dropped in mid-conversations, or having difficulty to understand the words of the person due to poor voice quality, all of this can really end up getting your work compromised. If you are a business owner or running a call center, or anything related to sales and purchase, then definitely you must have come across specific issues where weak networks caused you financial losses!

Every part of your communication is consequential, whether it is between the employees or between the clients! To enjoy excellent communication, it is certain to have the right signals to be able to run your business optimally.

Avoiding such issues is undoubtedly, very important for you to run your business efficiently! Therefore, having a signal booster/amplifier is worth the cost, enabling your phone calls to be clear, regardless of where you are, and in which situation you are in! Datel Corp is one of the leading Business telephone systems service provider, ensuring your business to work perfectly!


Why Do Your Calls Drop?

Lousy reception or call drop can occur due to many factors that can all occur simultaneously, causing your calls to drop! The most common factors include the distance from the network tower or impediments such as long buildings, trees, etc.! To overcome such problems, it is, therefore, necessary for you to improve your network capacity by installing a network booster.

Described Below Are Some of the Main Issues That Results in Weaker Cellular Networks

Cause #1:- Distance From The Cell Phone Tower:

The further you live from a signal tower, the weaker the signals get, leading to sudden call drops, poor voice quality, and miss communication between you and the client affecting your business performance!

Cause #2: Crowded Cellular Towers:

There is a specific capacity under which a tower generates signals, and if the users that are connected to it increases, the tower gets overloaded, causing signals to drop or affecting your service quality! A crowded signal tower is undoubtedly a significant cause of a “Communication Barrier!

Cause #3 External Obstruction:

One of the leading causes of the signal drop in cities is tall buildings that affect your signal strength. Other external clutters that can weaken your signal strength are tall trees, buildings, and also hills and mountains.

Cause# 4:- Internal Obstructions!

Most of the calls are made indoors, and undoubtedly it gets more difficult for signals to reach in a building. Materials such as glass, concrete, thick walls, or energy-efficient equipment, can affect your signals to drop or vanish completely!

Understanding the Purpose of Signal Boosters

Strength of Signals:

In technical expects a “signal” is a form of electromagnetic field which serves by moving your data from one place to another! Being specific about the communication purpose, the cellular network transmits signals that are directed to and from the main towers, enabling you to communicate efficiently and effectively!


A signal booster/amplifier is mainly composed of three essential components that work simultaneously to enhance your cellular networks! The primary purpose of a signal booster is to take your exiting incoming and outgoing signals and “Amplifies” it! It receives data from the central tower located near your residence or office place and broadcast it to the Signal booster, where the main task occurs, i.e., the signals are amplified then again broadcasted to your cellular phone!



• Outside Antenna

The outside antenna is installed on the exterior of your office building or resident. The primary purpose of this is to capture the broadcasting of the signal for the nearest cellular tower and sent it to the booster for amplification.

• Signal Booster

It receives the signals from the outside antenna and amplifies the signals before sending it to the inside antenna.

• Indoor Antenna

Mainly installed inside your resident or building, it receives the “Amplifier,” and then the signals are broadcasted to your cellular device!

Pros and Cons Associated to Signal Boosters!

Benefit #1: Cost-Effective Solution:

Being one of the most widely used equipment, Signal appliers provides you with a cost-effective solution to your problems, lifting communications barriers and enabling you to have perfect voice quality!

Benefit#2: Effective Communication!

Ensures your business to run up-to-mark, by providing it the most excellent quality communication ground, ending your problems related to call drops and poor voice quality!

Benefit#3: one time, purchase no monthly fees!

A one-time investment product that will surely enhance your business deals by improving the voice quality, ending the sudden call drops just by improving the quality of cellular signals!

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