Since the 1990s, people have relied on CAT5 Ethernet cables to connect all of their devices and get the speed they need. Things have started to change with the advancements of Internet speeds and technology in general. That means what used to be the industry standard, is not always the best option if you are looking for peak performance. So what has stepped up to take CAT5’s place? The answer is Category 6 cabling and installation.

While CAT5 cables aren’t rated to support gigabit Ethernet (they CAN over short distances), CAT6 cables are fast enough to handle a maximum speed performance of 250 MHZ. These cables can produce twice the communications capacity of the CAT5 cables, while remaining completely compatible with older plugs and ports. This makes them a great option when you are looking to upgrade the performance of your current network. More and more homeowners and companies are realizing that they need to call their trusted VoIP company to upgrade their cabling. This need will only continue to grow into the future as the need for faster communication becomes more and more important. The rise of CAT6 cabling might still be in its infancy, but it will surely become the new standard within a few years.