Datel can assist so you are ready to give more in a world where everyone is demanding more. Having the ability to smoothly handle your customers is a very important part of your business. The NEC SV9100 has a full range of features so you can work more efficiently in real time. Business today demands efficient, seamless communication to enable rapid decision-making and customer responsiveness.


Here is a list of a few things your telephone system should have the capability to perform for your business to surpass mediocrity.

  1. Auto Attendant – which is an automated system that allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension or department.
  2. Paging Group – you can broadcast an announcement to a specific group or team
  3. Ring Group – (also known as hunt group) which allows you to manage incoming calls and what order phones in that group will ring.
  4. Mobile App Integreation – you are provided a free app for your smartphone or tablet which allows it to double as a desk phone in your office.

While there are more features that are necessary these are some very important features to help make your company more customer friendly and efficient. Give Datel a call today at 954-797-0329 or email us and we will schedule to come out and meet with you.