Just like any manufactured item, a telephone system and its components, are subject to failure due to manufacture defect. CCTV cameras are also subject to manufacture defect. The batteries in a BBU (Battery Back Up) system can go bad after a few years. These are just a few examples of what could go wrong. These types of issues can easily exceed hundreds of dollars on parts & labor – but you shouldn’t have to trouble yourself with that.


With Datel’s System Secure Maintenance Plans – your systems are covered from these issues. No need to worry about having to purchase replacement parts, or labor, to fix the problem. The System Secure Maintenance Plan also offers training, unlimited remote programming, an annual on-site visit and other services. Our Maintenance Plan is an intelligent investment in the future of your systems. CLEAN DATEL LOGOCall us 954-797-0329 or visit our website for more information!