Datel specializes in the installation, service, design and implementation of structured low voltage wireStructured Cabling cabling systems and business telephone systems, that will support all of your Voice, data, Fiber optic networks and your VoIP or PBX telephone systems equipment.

All Datel low voltage cable system installations are performed by highly-trained professionals who specialize in copper and fiber optic cabling solutions. All cabling is installed to meet or exceed all ANSI/TIA/EIA Standards and local National electrical codes. We install, test, label and certify all cable systems and we will provide you with complete documentation, including floor plans that include cable pathways, patch panel records, test results and as-built drawings, to help facilitate future moves, adds and changes.
CLEAN DATEL LOGODatel is a state of Florida licensed low voltage and specialty contractor. Our BICSI RCDD bicsi_rcdd_colorcertification allows us to provide the highest level of installation practices for the structured wire and cable we install. Call 954-797-0329 for a free on site evaluation.