Voice Over IP 

VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols)

Nec Univerge Blue SV9100 Hosted VoIP systems allows you to make telephone calls on the internet. With VoIP you can have multiple offices connected to one system. You may even have a phone at your home as well.

A VoIP system consists of several components. These are the endpoints, also known as telephones. These can be either an IP telephone or a soft-phone residing on a PC. The soft-phone is a program that runs on your PC and performs all of the same functions of a telephone using your multimedia speakers and microphone plus video in some instances.

The IP telephone is identical to that of a traditional telephone. An IP telephone connects directly to your network.


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 Nec Univerge Blue SV9100  Hosted Voip

Nec has the answers with the addition of the  Nec Univerge Blue SV9100 Hosted VoIP, this package is the hub of your effective communications strategy that scales across multiple locations. The powerful features increase employee productivity, help you benchmark and improve customer service, achieve cost savings, create new revenue opportunities and, where applicable, drive more consistent brand presentation across multiple locations.